Your amazing bone strength


When you think about it, the ingredients that make up the recipe of our bones are not exceptional:  a handful of mineral compounds, water, collagen and a few other proteins.

But with these simple materials nature has structured an amazingly strong and enduring tissue. In fact, it’s a tissue that holds up our body and withstands all the demands we put on it.  Even more, bone is a tissue that lasts not only for one lifetime, but for thousands of years after the rest of the physical body has disappeared.

So let’s take a moment to sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and send waves of love and appreciation to our wondrous skeleton.  Every one of our cells is a thinking, feeling and living being.  Every cell thrives on love and appreciation. When our cells thrive, we thrive.


Tsiaras, Alexander.   Architecture Design of Men and Women, Doubleday, 2004


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