Better bones, better body for National Women’s Health Week


As a healthcare practitioner, I’m always talking with women about the importance of their health.  But I realize that many women are short on time.  That’s why one of the things I emphasize is that with a natural, life-supporting bone-building program, you can easily create multiple benefits for your entire body.  Here are just a few examples.

As you build your bones, you can also….

1) Control your weight and belly fat
Hormonal signals sent between bones and other organs regulate sugar metabolism and prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, and limit “belly fat.” My natural Better Bones program will enhance the production of osteocalcin, which is the hormone-like molecule that actually signals the body to reduce unwanted fat.

2) Build muscle
If we’re building bone, we’re building muscle, and vice versa. Exercise studies show that women in early post-menopause can not only maintain, but gain an average of 1.5% in bone mineral density in as little as nine months with rigorous strength-training regimes. This is compared to the 2% of lost bone that might otherwise occur. Wearing a weighted vest is a time saving way to build both muscle and bone.

3) Promote healthy teeth and gums
There are direct links between poor oral health and poor overall health as well; periodontal disease is linked not only to osteoporosis, but also to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses such as COPD or pneumonia. Receding gums are often an early sign of body-wide bone loss.  Our teeth can be thought of as the “strongest bone.” Over and over again I see the teeth, gums and the jaw bone benefit from the Better Bones Program.

4) Get optimal blood pressure
Many nutrients key to bone health, including the calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D, are key to regulating healthy blood pressure.  We consider potassium to be especially powerful for both heart and bones, as it helps maintain healthy blood pressure, electrolyte balance, calcium levels, and bone-crucial acid-base balance.

5) Give yourself a healthy heart
In a natural Better Bones program, everything you do for bone will also help your heart. For example, vitamin K — particularly K2 as MK-7 — improves arterial flexibility and helps reduce the risk of arterial calcification.

Plus…new connections for skin and nails
Finally, bone is high in protein collagen, and new research connects the health of our bone to that of our skin and nails, which are also collagen-abundant tissues.  Better Bones plus less wrinkles, and stronger nails — sounds good to me.


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