Wholesome, low calorie drinks that alkalize

Cup of tea

The lowest calorie, most wholesome beverage is spring water with a high mineral content, such as the European “mineral waters.”

Juices made of alkalizing vegetables like kale, collards, celery, bok choy, parsley, lettuces, cabbage, and the like are also potent alkalizers containing relatively few calories. In addition, the “acid-tasting” juices of lemons and limes are transformed through metabolism to alkalizing agents.

Thus, the juice of a whole lemon or a whole lime mixed in cold or hot water is an excellent beverage that aids in alkalizing. Equally, 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in water, with or without a bit of honey, helps to alkalize and improve digestion. Tea made from fresh ginger root is another favorite low-calorie alkalizing and detoxifying beverage.


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