99 more answers to “is my favorite food alkaline or acidic?”

Since Plantains (2)what you eat can dramatically affect your acid-alkaline balance, you might wonder how to make changes for optimal alkalinity. I first wrote The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide to help answer the question, Are my favorite foods alkaline or acidic? And since the book came out, I’ve seen a surge of interest from readers who want to know exactly how their food choices contribute to their health.

That’s why I’m including 99 new foods in the second edition of The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, now available.

You’ll find details about:

  • Your favorite condiments. There are so many condiments to choose from, so I’ve expanded my list to include adobo sauce, anchovy paste, barbecue sauce and gomashio. (Bonus: If you haven’t heard of these condiments, you may discover something new to try!)
  • Tropical and Asian foods. I’m delighted that some of my favorite foods from my time spent in Latin America — such as plantains — are showing up in more supermarkets and restaurants . With the growing popularity of tropical foods, I’ve included many of them in this second edition.
  • Many more general foods, such as pesto sauce, chia seeds, wasabi, water chestnuts and almond nut thin crackers.
  • Protein and Paleo. I also tackle some common misconceptions about an alkaline diet, including the idea you must completely eliminate protein and how the alkaline diet fits with the Paleo approach.

More about The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide is the first and only book to provide this information in extensive detail. Each entry includes an easy-to-understand statement of how that food will affect your body’s pH levels once it is consumed and digested. This new edition also includes a range of international foods.

Once you know the effects of these foods, you will be able to quickly and effectively create healthy meal plans using the foods you already enjoy. See for yourself!


Answer to question above: Plantains are alkalizing.



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