Love Your Bones, Love Your Life

– An Exclusive Retreat with Dr. Susan Brown PhD –

 at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania

We are excited to announce this amazing opportunity to develop your own personalized Better Bones, Better Body program under the guidance of Dr. Susan Brown in an intimate group setting. 

The Love Your Bones, Love Your Life retreat will get you started on the road to a  healthier and more vibrant you. This retreat will be your pathway to self empowerment, better bone health, renewed vitality, and overall wellness.

Now is the time to take action. No one cares about your health as much as YOU do!

The Details

 This 4-day Better Bones, Better Body retreat and workshop will cover everything you need to manage and reverse your osteopenia or osteoporosis naturally!


In this retreat we will learn... how to build bone naturally... how to reduce worry & fear... the best bone building exercises.... about gourmet alkalizing food.... nutritional supplementation individualized for you how community can build bone!

When: Thursday, May 2 to Sunday, May 5, 2019

Where: Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA

Cost: $899 tuition* plus your choice of accommodations at the Himalayan Institute starting at $95/night including meals (must book separately).

Accommodation Options and Pricing at Himalayan Institute Click Here

Day guest options are available if you are not staying at the Himalayan Institute. Please call our office for these details. 

Early Bird Discount- Take $50 off tuition ($849)

when you book by January 5, 2019!


*Tuition does not include travel expenses, lodging, or transportation to and from the Himalayan Institute.

 Call us at 1-877-207-0232 for questions on room options or other retreat details.

 Final Payment due by March 1, 2019.


Love Your Bones, Love Your Life Retreat Includes:

4 days and 3 nights in the lovely retreat center in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  Amenities at the retreat center include 400 acres of beautiful walking paths, a brand new meditation shrine, PureRejuv Wellness Center, a tea lounge, the Himalayan Gift Shop, and morning and evening yoga classes.  Himalayan Institute has everything you need for relaxation and rejuvenation. Learn More.

 Meals are provided Thursday evening through Sunday lunch and will consist of healthful vegetarian options with an emphasis on traditional Ayurvedic themes. Learn more.

 Daily lecture sessions with Dr. Brown covering the 6 key steps of the Better Bones, Better Body® Program. You will leave these sessions with greater ability to implement or expand upon your Better Bones, Better Body® Program at home.

 Every attendee will receive a one-hour preparatory consultation (included in tuition) with Dr. Susan Brown, PhD prior to attending the Love Your Bones Retreat. This will also include customized charting of  your bone density tests and lab tests as well as personalized consultation notes with nutrient supplement protocol for the implementation of your Better Bones, Better Body® Program.

Afternoon exercise workshops with E-RYT 200, Gina Galli.  Gina will be demonstrating safe yoga postures for strong bones as well as leading spine and hip strengthening workshops.  

E-RYT 200 Gina Galli doing the Warrior Pose in front of beautiful red rock vistas in Sedona, AZ

Evening Q&A led by Dr. Brown where you can ask your most pressing questions!

 Optional: Meditation before dinner led by Dr. Brown.

The Better Bones, Better Body program support kit mailed to you before the start of the course so you can begin “boning up” before the retreat.

 Better Bones, Better Body® gift bag and course materials  (over $100 value).

Supplements in the program will be available to try as well as supplement demos and one-on-one nutrient coaching with our client support team.

Not Included:

Travel & airfare, lodging, and transportation to and from the Himalayan Institute.

Additional one-on-one time with Dr. Susan Brown PhD during the retreat weekend.


Here are directions for getting to the Himalayan Institute.

See sample schedule below. (Full schedule will be mailed to program participants.)

See past attendees talk about their experiences at some of our other  Love Your Bones, Love Your Life retreats.

Sample Schedule:

 Arrive at Himalayan Institue, Honesdale, PA
Dinner @ 5:30 PM
Staff Introductions and Guest Sharing
Program Overview/How to Asses Your Case by Dr. Susan Brown PhD

Friday /Saturday

FRI — Alkaline Diet                   SAT — Bone Building Exercise Modalities
FRI — Key Bone Building Nutrients        SAT — Stress and Worry Reduction
Exercise Workshops with Gina Galli – 12 Yoga Poses for Osteoporosis/Hip and Spine Exercises for Osteoporosis
BREAK/Optional Group Work and Scheduled Time with Dr. Brown and Assistants
FRI — Digestion and  Detoxification      SAT — Bone Drugs
Q+A Sessions


How to Take Your Supplements
Intention Setting and Closing Remarks

What people are saying!

I was looking to the retreat but I have to say that it exceeded all of my expectations. The Mago Resort set the stage for a soulful experience. I felt so incredibly safe to share my situation and feelings with these wonderful women. The information provided, the yoga and gentle stretches, the meditative rituals all integrated together to provide such a sound mind body connection. The mantra that I found in the last circle holding hands was “I am Vibrant, I am Strong” Thank You Dr. brown for your incredible research and belief that there is a better way to gain bone strength. Loved having you sit with us at meals and sharing in everyday conversation. This experience has changed my life ~Sedona Attendee

It was so helpful to have the opportunity to come together with other women dealing with this health issue. Many times I have felt like I’m out there on my own dealing with with this. The support and sharing the retreat provided was priceless.

Truly grateful for the common sense approach/support/encouragement offered by Dr. Brown and her staff. Have felt frustrated and hopeless about bone loss but now feel that there are options. I came away feeling positive, energized, and ready to take action.

I was struck by the attention given to every detail, making the retreat so seamless, comfortable, and nourishing to mind, body, and spirit.

As far as the retreat format itself, I thought it was very well planned and had just the right mix of lectures, stretching/exercise sessions and optional activities. Location was ideal! I liked that there were samples of the supplements available to view and to try out. Also, I have a weight vest and really appreciated the demonstration so that I now better understand how to use it properly.

I’m so glad I found Dr. Brown’s website and signed up for the retreat. It was everything I had hoped it would be.

I am so grateful for the work Dr. Brown is doing to strengthen Women in so many ways. Bones- whole bodies- and Minds! Her enthusiasm for life is contagious! I look Forward to strengthening myself with all this information. One weighted step at a Time!

I appreciated

  • The research and client practice that provides us with a whole-health approach to bone health and an alternative to bone drugs;
  • The retreats to share information and build community (and to have fun in a beautiful place!); and
  • The sense of empowerment, support and hopefulness for improved bone health and general health I gained from the retreat.

I just want to add that this workshop has provided us with the tools to take control of our quest for healthy bones. Thank you, Dr. Brown and staff for this amazing gift.

I have just received my supplements and am so excited to get started after such an amazing retreat with all of you awesome women! I can’t thank you enough for the great information shared in Sedona. Every session was orchestrated perfectly…with all that personal, caring, compassionate touch. I feel hopeful, empowered and confident that I am on the right road to stronger bones! Also, I’m enjoying my weighted vest… up to 7 lbs. and walking a minimum of an hour. Thank you to all of you for spreading the joy of knowledge… it is truly powerful! I’m so grateful!




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