Knowledge has organizing power. I am here as your advocate to help you understand the real state of your bone health and guide you in organizing a step-by-step program to build bone strength naturally, the way nature intended.

The Six Steps of the Better Bones, Better Body® Program

  • 1. Personalized Case Assessment

    Is your bone loss normal or excessive? What does your bone density tests really tell you? Are you losing excessive bone right now?  Are you at risk of needless osteoporotic fracture? If so, what are the reasons for any existing bone weakening? Have you been given a good medical workup looking for the hidden causes of bone loss? Should you consider bone drugs?

  • 2. Develop An Alkaline Diet

    pH balance is a well documented factor highly influencing aging bone loss. In the Better Bones, Better Body® Program we teach you how to assess your acid-base balance and how to develop a bone and muscle preserving alkaline diet.  Our Alkaline for Life pH Test Kit makes it easy for you to understand the importance of pH balance and to successfully alkalize.

  • 3. Individualized Nutritional Supplementation

    Dozens of nutrients are essential for optimal bone health, and most of these we seriously under-consume. Maximization of all key bone-building nutrients is essential, as is the correct balance between nutrients and the proper, alkalizing form of each nutrient.

  • 4. Enhance digestion and detoxification

    Our amazing body is formed from the foods we eat, digest and assimilate. Strong digestion is essential for delivering the nutrients and energy essential to maintain and build bone.  Toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, plasticizers, petrochemicals and the like each have their own way of interfering with cellular functioning and utilization of our nutrients. In the Better Bones, Better Body® Program we build digestive strength and detoxify the body.

  • 5. Exercise into bone health

    Science documents that our bones respond to the load put upon them and that exercise builds bone and muscle strength while enhancing balance and preventing falls. In the Better Bones, Better Body® Program we guide you in the development of a personalized exercise program.  Also you will learn specific exercises targeted to strengthen the spine, hip and entire skeleton.

  • 6. Stress, worry reduction and the nourishing of emotional resilience

    We were telling women of the stress-osteoporosis link long before scientists noted that stress damages bone. For many years we have helped women understand that worry, anxiety and stress directly deplete bone. This damage occurs largely via the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal hormones of distress, Better Bones, Better Body® Program will help you develop a step-by-step program for reducing anxiety and creating emotional resilience, mindfulness and peace of mind.

The Better Bones Revolution Manifesto

Join us in The Better Bones Revolution by taking heart and taking action with Dr. Brown’s 10 truths to revolutionize your bone health.

Truth 1:

There is an intricate, interwoven fabric of life in the universe.

There is a vast intelligence and order to nature, with a harmony in the way things develop and function. When we listen to this intelligence we can harness the power of nature to heal.

Truth 2:

The human body is a part of this ever-interacting fabric of life.

The human body is a supremely complex, constantly interacting intelligent system—a carefully woven fabric of intelligence and information on its own. Our bodies seek well being and survival, doing the best they can under the conditions presented them. This incredibly complex network of self-repair is at work in your body right now at this very moment—and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Truth 3:

Our bones are meant to last a lifetime.

It isn’t natural or inevitable for bones to weaken excessively or fracture as we age. With the right support, our skeletons can remain strong and fully functional throughout our entire lifespan—just as nature intended.

Truth 4:

There is always a cause for excessive bone loss and bone fragility.

Often, simply by the way we live, our medical treatments, the illnesses we have, and the food we eat (or don’t eat), we unwittingly limit bone health. Most often, the loss of bone mass represents a positive coping mechanism on the part of the body. Bone mass is being sacrificed to maintain many internal biochemical balances essential for the body’s survival.

Truth 5:

Treating the root causes of sub-optimal bone health offers the greatest opportunity for creating life-long healthy bones.

With careful study of each individual case, including appropriate medical testing, the causes of excessive bone loss can most frequently be identified and steps can be taken to deal with these root causes.

Truth 6:

Our bodies are capable of building and maintaining adequate bone strength without drugs.

Bone is living tissue that is constantly in a state of self-repair. If we give our skeleton the support it needs to fulfill all its many functions, our bones will, in most cases, maintain adequate strength lifelong.

Truth 7:

Bone drugs disrupt the fabric of life and are not as effective as commonly claimed.

Bone drugs can cause more severe side effects and have fewer benefits than often stated. Bone drugs should be used only after all natural options have been explored and only when truly necessary.

Truth 8:

Everything we do for bone health should be good for the entire body.

Given that the body is one single interwoven, intelligent system, every action we take to strengthen our bones should also be good for our entire body and as such will increase our overall health and enjoyment of life. This is the Better Bones, Better Body® philosophy.

Truth 9:

You can achieve and maintain strong bones naturally.

Today, more than ever, science is uncovering the many nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental factors that provide for the full expression of lifelong bone health.

Truth 10:

Take heart, take action.

By taking heart and taking action, each of us can use this knowledge to stay strong and healthy, creating Better Bones and a Better Body.

Why the Better Bones Better Body® Program is unique

Our program is time-tested evolving from 3 decades of clinical practice with a sustained focus on rethinking osteoporosis and osteopenia. We are thought leaders in the field and maintain our unwavering focus on the evolving science of natural bone health.

We champion the concept that our bones are meant to last a lifetime and all excessive bone weakening has a cause. The first step in any bone health program is to search for hidden causes of bone loss. We can help you uncover the underlying causes of bone weaknesses and help you seek the path to reduce these burdens.

Our program is holistic and comprehensive covering all the important elements of a natural bone building program. Guidance in understanding the causes of your bone loss, the development of bone-sparing Alkaline for Life Diet®, optimal nutritional supplementation, digestion and detoxification enhancement, exercise, stress reduction, emotional well-being enhancement and testing for success are all important parts of our program.

In the Better Bones Program you are taught to take charge of your bone health; you need no longer live in fear of osteoporosis. Over time you will master the key steps to rebuilding bone strength while at the same time increasing overall health, fitness and joy of life.

No one cares about your health as much as you do – it’s up to you!

Take Charge, Take Heart and Take Action! Learn more about a consultation with Doctor Brown.

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