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Tips for sticking with your summer exercise plan

By Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD

During summer’s warmer weather and longer days, it’s easier to get outside and get moving. Yet, how many of you have gotten off to a great start with your summer exercise plan, and then after a few days or weeks, feel frustrated or bored with your routine?

For example, I used to be very active in my vegetable garden in early spring, and then neglect that physical activity as the summer moved on. But over the years, I’ve discovered some ideas that really help me keep exercising part of my daily routine.

Here’s what keeps me moving:

Do what you enjoy. No matter what activity you choose to do, make sure it’s something you like doing. If it’s not, you’re less likely to stick with it — and the benefits of exercise only last as long as you continue to do it. Don’t hesitate to try something different for inspiration!

Set reachable goals — both short- and long-term. Nothing keeps you motivated like success! By setting doable goals, you’ll stay motivated as you reach them — and look forward to the next ones. And don’t forget to celebrate when you do. I love to play golf, so I make a game of congratulating myself for good shots or new techniques I have mastered.

Make sure your plan fits your lifestyle. I don’t like to sit at my desk all day, so I jump up to do in-office errands frequently and hop on my whole body vibration machine to break up my work day.

Consider joining an exercise group. I know I need more aerobic exercise, but I am somewhat lazy about getting enough, so I joined a local biking group. Biking with others turn my exercise into a fun, community-building activity.

Plan for a rainy day. No matter how well you plan, there are always days when it’s harder to get going than others. Keep track of your most common obstacles, like weather or last-minute errands. You may spot some patterns and be able to figure out strategies to overcome them. Some of my favorite ways to avoid weather limitations are using a weighted vest around the house and using our Better Bones Exercise DVD. You can find many of my favorite bone-building exercise devices in our shop.

Remember all the different ways you’re supporting your bones, such as maintaining and/or increasing muscle and bone strength, as well as balance, flexibility, stability, and emotional well-being. Every day you exercise, you’re supporting your bones. Congratulations!

Finally, if you have special health concerns, it might be wise to check with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any exercise routine.

For other ways to help you stay motivated with exercise — and for many other opportunities to grow and change — I’ve developed my weekly Transformational Challenge. Here’s my fun challenge to power up your walking to get started.

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July 16. 2015 16:09

Hi I am looking for a book or on the computer an alkaline diet plan for weight lost.  A structured plan for at least 14 days and then I can repeat.  But it would be structured such as Monday breakfast lunch and dinner.  Then the next page Tuesday.

Did you publish such a book or can this be down loaded on the computer. Waiting for your response.



July 21. 2015 13:50

Hi Tricia,

Dr. Brown passes along the message to please call our office for the Better Bones Manual, which has a 30-day meal plan that might be of help to you. 1-877-207-0232 or 1-315-437-9384.

Thank you!
BB Blog Admin

Blog Admin

July 22. 2015 09:49

Hello, just following up on an email I sent a few weeks back to info@betterbones.com.

I was curious if  your team accepted guest articles! I'd be happy to discuss topic ideas for your readers and build a relationship with your team.

Please email me back. Thank you, Cynthia.

Cynthia P

July 23. 2015 12:37

Hi Cynthia,

I write the articles myself. What articles do you like to write and do you have a readership?

Best wishes,


Susan Brown

July 26. 2015 17:53

Are you familiar with Norman F. Childer's work "Arthritis, Childer's Diet That Stops It"?  In this book he explains how eating members of the tobacco plant family, which nearly everyone does on a daily basis not knowing that this whole plant family is rich in toxins, causes inflammation reactions, frequently showing up in the joints as chronic pain.  Apparently, the worst member of this plant family for causing systemic inflammation is hot pepper.  He recommends eliminating all the nightshade vegetables from the diet for 8 weeks to give the body a chance to detox solanine.  When the body has adequately detoxed the toxic constitutes of these plants, he recommends the reader notice if they feel better, if they are not sure, then eat them again as usual.  If it makes no difference in how you feel, then you are not sensitive to this plant family.


August 16. 2015 17:56

I receive weekly emails from a celiac/allergy magazine = Living Without. This past week they posted an article stating that Tufts University is the guru of Vitamin K, all forms. Tufts stated that research shows no benefit to supplementing with Vit K2-MK7 for prevention of osteoporosis. This surprised me based on your information and that of my naturopath. Do you have any comment on this statement?


August 22. 2015 15:01

Thanks for sharing your view I found  it verying interesting.

Kira Korewdit

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